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A healthy diet for liver cancer patients


A healthy diet for liver cancer patients

A reasonable diet can provide liver cancer patients with adequate nutrients but also help improve body immunity. Here list some foods that can help liver cancer patients make a wiser decision.


A high-protein diet is advisable for patients with liver cancer who have a poor protein synthesis. Some good sources of proteins include lean meat, fish, eggs, milk, and soy products. One can usually consume 100-120 grams of proteins daily, but for patients with advanced live cirrhosis, the amount is varied according to the patients’ condition. If patients experience a rise in blood ammonia, the protein consumption should be limited to about 25-40 grams each day to prevent hepatic encephalopathy.


Sufficient carbohydrates can help reduce the consumption of protein, reduce the burden on the liver, and even maintain the content of the liver glycogen that are necessary for liver tissue formation and proliferation. A daily healthy diet should supply 400 grams of sugar from easily digested carbohydrates. Foods rich in starch are good choices and keep away from pure sugar. Intravenous glucose in an appropriate amount may be feasible for patients with poor appetites.


The liver acts as the main site for vitamin storage, metabolism and absorption. Various fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in various vitamins and the recommended daily intake is about 700–900 grams. Vitamin E has a protective effect on the liver and can be supplemented daily.

Limited intake of fat

The daily fat intake is preferably 40-50 grams each day and does not exceed 20 grams. Excessive intake of fat, especially animal fat, can increase the burden on the liver. However, an appropriate amount of fat consumption is needed since fat supplies energy and essential fatty acids that promote absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Limited intake of salt

The daily intake of salt should be limited to 6g. If patients have ascites and edema, 2-3 grams of salt each day is recommended.

Additionally, liver cancer patients should avoid foods like fried and dry foods, condiment, and alcohol and they should choose the easily digested foods and eat small meals throughout the day.


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