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Cancer and Tumor

Cancer is a heat and unavoidable topic in modern time. There are many professional explanations about cancer, and one of the most important basic problems is what cancer it is.

Cancer and tumor

Cancer is not totally equal to tumor!  According to medical science, tumor new organisms formed in local tissue cell proliferation when the body under a variety of tumorigenic factors. The new organisms are also known as vegetation because they were mostly mass-like massive protrusions. The tumor is divided into two categories, benign tumors, and malignant tumors, according to the new biological cell characteristics and the degree of harm to the body.

Cancer is a malignant tumor originating in epithelial tissue, which is also the most common type of malignancy neoplasms. And correspondingly, malignant tumors originated in the mesenchymal tissue are collectively referred to as sarcoma.

A small number of malignant tumors are not named according to the above principles, such as nephroblastoma, malignant teratoma and so on. Generally speaking, “cancer” commonly refers to all malignant tumors.

The properties of the tumor are “solid” while cancer’s properties are “malignant”.


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