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Top Ginseng Roots and Supplements in Canada


Top Ginseng Roots and Supplements in CanadaCanada is among the largest ginseng producers around world, along with China, South Korea, and America. North American ginseng is native to the eastern and central United States and the southeastern Canada, and Canada exports more than 2 million kilograms of North American ginseng annually.

American ginseng mainly grows in eastern Canada and ginseng farming is growing into a prosperous industry in Ontario in recent years.

The Ontario Ginseng Growers Association (OGGA) is a non-profit organization established to promote the development of Ontario ginseng industry, with about hundreds of enrolled grower members. It offers a 100% Ontario-grown Ginseng certification to its qualified members.

Canada’s North American ginseng is highly premium among consumers. Canada has ideal environment for ginseng planting, with acres of forested areas with fertile sandy soil and shady trees. Climate in Canada is also well-suited and North American ginseng can enjoy cool and long winter to thrive in the coming spring. Moreover, the ginseng industry in Canada is required to cultivate North American ginseng in line with guidelines for Good Agricultural Practices and to conduct on-farm food safety practices.

In the past decades of research, North American ginseng grown in Canada has been found to potentially deliver a variety of health benefits, including

  • Stress reduction
  • Cognitive support
  • Promotion of healthy blood pressure levels
  • Increased physical energy
  • Boosting immune system
  • Cancer prevention
  • Improved ED
  • Alleviating post-menopausal symptoms

Top Ginseng Root Brands in Canada 

Since Ontario is home to ginseng planting and we can find lots of ginseng root retailers there. Here are three top ginseng root retailers, from which you can find premium Canada’s North America ginseng for daily use in cooking cuisines or tea drinking to enhance your immune health and prolong your life.

Canadian Ginseng Farm

Canadian Ginseng Farm is a prestigious Canadian ginseng grower, offering high-quality ginseng since 1979. The farm is located Southwestern Ontario by Lake Erie, an ideal ginseng cultivation zone with hundreds of ginseng growers.

Canadian Ginseng Farm is experienced in ginseng cultivation, and it is a professional farm and a set of strict standards is established to produce high-quality Canadian ginseng. Different cultivation zones are split to grow 1-to-5-year ginseng.

The farm’s ginseng roots are sold to all over the world and business-to business orders are dominant in their sales. The farm also provide online and in-store purchases for individual customers. You can find 4-year and 5-year ginseng roots on their official website. As for in-store purchase, the company has local and international agents to sell their ginseng roots locally, and you can also source their ginseng roots from their agents in China.

Dan’s Farmroot

Dan’s farmroot has its own farm for ginseng cultivation in Ontario and it plant, cultivate, harvest ginseng in accordance with Good Farm Practices.

Dan’s Farmroot offers high quality dried and fresh 4- and 5-year-old ginseng roots, ginseng powder and will soon have ginseng capsules and liquid formats. If you want authentic Ontario ginseng roots directly from farms, Dan’s Farmroot is a good choice.

Canadian Vita

Canadian Vita is a ginseng grower and retailer in southern Ontario, Canada, and it is a member of Canadian Ontario Ginseng Association. The company’s ginseng products are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility and are enrolled in strict allergen control program and gain SQF Level 2 certification.

Canadian Vita is proud of advanced ginseng processing standards. The company has a wide of product lines including classic ginseng products (fresh ginseng roots, dried ginseng roots, ginseng powder, ginseng slices and ginseng extracts), ginseng snacks (ginseng coffee, ginseng chocolate, and ginseng honey), as well as ginseng supplements.

Canadian Vita opens retail stores over Canada, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and North America. Its ginseng products are also available on Costco.ca and Amazon.

Top Ginseng Supplement Brands in Canada 

Although Canada is one of the largest North American ginseng producers and exporters, Canadian people are not used to take fresh or dry ginseng root directly and they love ginseng supplements that contain ginseng extract standardized to a high level of ginsenosides, the main active compounds in ginseng.

Typically, Canadian people love Panax ginseng (Asian ginseng) extract supplements. North American ginseng in Canada is considered more yin in medicinal property, and it is used to reduce heat in the body and promote fluid production, e.g., to fight infections such as colds and flu. Panax ginseng is considered more yang and warm in nature and it is used to raise heat in body, e.g., to increase energy.

Canada companies focus on offering Panax ginseng supplements. Below are three top ginseng supplement brands in Canada.

Jamieson Korean Red Ginseng

Jamieson is one of the most trusted brands of vitamins and supplements in Canada. The company is proud of its enrollment in TRU-ID certification that certifies that the products have real ingredients. Jamieson has a wide range of products including natural health products, vitamins, supplements, and health foods, and its products are distributed in over 45 countries.

Jamieson Korean red ginseng is standardized to 20% total ginsenosides. One bottle has 100 caplets and each caplet contains 55 mg of Korean red ginseng extract, with 11 mg of total ginsenosides. This ginseng product is priced at CAD$ 22.99.

Organika Korean Red Ginseng

Organika Korean red ginseng is developed by Organika Health Products Inc., which was established in 1990. The company offers hundreds of health products to the market. Organika Korean Red Ginseng is made of six-year-old root sourced from Korea. Each capsule contains 500 mg of Korean red ginseng powder, with 25 mg ginsenosides, as claimed by the manufacturer. One bottle contains 200 capsules and it is recommended to take one capsule twice daily, so it means to be a 100-day supply. One bottle costs CAD$30.99.

Redsenol Noble Ginsenosides

Redsenol Noble GinsenosidesRedsenol is an outstanding Canadian ginseng and ginsenosides brand featuring a high amount of rare ginsenosides. The research team devoted to ginsenoside research for over 16 years, and developed core technologies to produce rare ginsenosides in large amounts.

Redsenol goes much further in the ginsenoside research. Most manufacturers in the ginseng field only grasp the technologies to extract naturally occurring ginsenoside, known as prototype ginsenosides in ginseng. These prototype ginsenosides are high-molecular-weight and hardly absorbable, and some steamed Korean red ginseng may contain only rare ginsenosides Rg3, Rg5, Rh1. Incredibly, Redsenol contains sixteen types of rare ginsenosides and the Redsenol research team grasp core technologies to convert naturally occurring ginsenosides into less polar rare ginsenosides. These rare ginsenosides including Rh3, Rk1, Rk2, Rk3, aPPD, aPPT, etc. are far more potent than prototype ginsenosides. Redsenol rare ginsenosides products are also available on Amazon.

Amazingly, the rare ginsenosides content in Redsenol-1 noble ginsenosides capsules reaches 20%, far more than its competition. Redsenol is a buy choice for people who hate to consume ginseng products without true ginseng or only with total ginsenosides and really hope to find a rare ginsenoside product.

One Redsenol item contains three small boxes and 270 capsules in total. Each capsule contains 60 mg of rare ginsenosides and taking two capsules three times daily can provide 360 mg of rare ginsenosides.

The price for the Redsenol-1 is 379 Canadian dollars. It seems much more expensive than similar products. However, what Redsenol offers are highly bioactive and absorbable rare ginsenosides rather than total ginsenosides, and it is good value for money in consideration of the active ingredients it offers.



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