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53 million Americans harmed by someone else’s alcoholism


53 million Americans harmed by someone else's alcoholismConfined to the health problems caused by alcoholism on drinkers themselves, we are less aware of secondhand alcoholic harms.

A new study published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs finds that nearly one in five Americans have been harmed by someone else’s drinking last year. The total number of suffers from secondhand alcoholic harms reached 53 million people.

Secondhand alcoholic harms

The figure of an alcoholic is common whether in the virtual movies or reality. They are exactly a disaster to people them and most likely to conduct harmful behaviors, including:

  • Driving accidents
  • Violence threats
  • Vandalism
  • Family problems.

The negative impacts of alcoholism are on a massive scale, covering health, education, transportation, social security and so on.

The study showed that alcohol is responsible for more than 5% of deaths worldwide and about 21% of women and 23% of men suffered from someone else’s drinking behavior.

Alcohol use and health problems

Alcohol consumption can lead to a multiple of health problems, including liver damage, high blood pressure and alcohol-related gastritis. Longterm alcohol use can increase your risk of getting cancers of

  • Mouth
  • Throat (pharynx)
  • Voice box (larynx)
  • Esophagus
  • Liver
  • Colon and rectum
  • Breast

The harm of alcohol comes from ethanol, an important chemical to raise cancer risk. Ethanol might damage body tissues especially in the throat or month, facilitate harmful chemical to break down in the human body, inhibit the absorption of folate or good nutrients.

How to avoid alcohol use

According to the American Cancer Society, women shall limit alcohol drinking to no more than 1 drink per day and men to 2 drinks.

Alcohol quitting is always difficult, but it will bring outweighing benefits in the end. If you are an alcoholic, try the following ways to help quit alcohol:

  • Choose alcohol-free drinks at a festive party or meal.
  • Set a drinking goal and control yourselves.
  • Keep alcohol out of reach
  • Keep busy and find new hobbies.


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