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Brain tumor: symptoms and signs


You may feel unbelievable when hearing that a child aged four get brain cancer without any symptoms except sudden headache and vomiting. However, it is possible, for a brain is an important control center that involves the normal functions of other parts of the body.

Brain tumors are one of the most common tumors in children aged 0-14, and it is easily misdiagnosed. People with a brain tumor may have the following symptoms and signs.


Seizures are usually the first signs of the brain tumor. Brain tumors can damage neuronal cells in the cortex of the brain, cause abnormal activity of the nerves, and finally induce seizures.


Headaches are common when we catch a cold or have a neck strain, so sometimes it is difficult for us to find the real cause of headache.

When a brain tumor grows and begins to press the sensitive blood vessels and nerves, headaches would occur.

Usually, the brain tumor-related headaches are worse when you first wake up and get better over the next few hours.

Projectile vomiting

Projectile vomiting is common in patients with a brain tumor, for an increased intracranial pressure caused by the tumor can stimulate the vomiting center in the brainstem.

When a tumor is found in the cerebellum, vomiting would be intense and severe, especially for children. If projectile vomiting occurs for no infectious or gastrointestinal reasons, you shall consider whether it is a brain tumor that causes projectile vomiting.

Visual changes

Individuals with the brain tumor may have visual changes like blurry vision, double vision or loss of vision.  If you experience visual impairments or visual field defects, which are not caused by trauma, diabetes, and inflammation, you shall receive a head CT scan or even an MRI examination.


Ordinary hearing loss may be caused by long-term fatigue and staying up, but when it comes to unilateral tinnitus, you shall consider whether it is caused by a brain tumor. In most cases, the brain tumor is likely to grow on the unilateral auditory nerves.

Phantom smells

Phantom smells may happen to brain tumor patients, and patients can feel some imaginary unpleasant smells like rotten food, charred stuff and irritant chemicals.

When the tumor grows in the temporal lobes of the brain, the nearby olfactory center will be adversely affected, leading to phantom smells.

The symptoms given here might be caused by something other than brain cancer. Still, if you have any of these symptoms that last long, you shall see your doctor and find out the real cause.


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