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Sitting too much could double your risk of an early death


Sitting too much could double your risk of an early deathDue to the prevalent computerization, more and more people are sitting at least 8 hours per day, working in front of screens. Being sedentary and physically inactive has become a huge threat to human health.

A recent study finding, published in the journal British Medical Journal, reconfirms the health benefits of doing physical activities.

The study reviewed 8 studies involving 36, 383 people aged over 40. Researchers combined the study findings into a harmonized meta-analysis, focusing on categorizing people in terms of different levels of intensity to find out the impact of physical activities on mortality.

The results showed that any intensity of physical activity and sitting less are linked to lower risk of early death. Typically, scientists found that people sitting the most were 263% more likely to die, compared with those spent least time sitting.

The findings are not supervising since it is widely known that being sedentary increase people’s risk of death.

Sitting too much can double your chances of getting cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, etc. The followings are some chronic health risks caused by a sedentary lifestyle:

Dementia: Sitting too much can impede the supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients into the brain, causing fatigue, insomnia, memory loss and even dementia.

Lumbar and spine diseases: Keeping a seated position for hours would leave the lumbar and spine stiff and in pain, and in the long run causes lumbar and spine diseases.

Rectal Disorders: When people spend a long time sitting, the veins near the rectum can generate congestion. This can aggravate hemorrhoids and cause stool bleeding and anal fissure.

Obesity: Physical inactivity can increase the chance of being overweight.

Chronic kidney disease: Sitting too much can strain the bladder and thighs, leading to bladder and kidney dysfunction.

Cardiovascular disease: When sitting for long, the blood in the legs can accumulate in the blood vessels of the lower extremities, increasing the risk of forming small clots.

It seems difficult to reduce sitting time, but you really need to sit less and move more from now. You can begin with some simple things as follows:

  • Walk or cycle to work
  • Stand up while you are on the phone.
  • Refuse takeaways and walk for lunch
  • Stand up and stretch your arms for a rest
  • Do household after a meal
  • Refill your water glass every hour

Every move is inspiring, and you can always find smarter ways to become more physically active.


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