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What is a five-year survival period of cancer?


Cancer patients having received a therapy will experience a time, which is generally known as a five-year survival period. What is such a period? Is cancer completely cured if cancer patients survive five years after receiving therapy? Those questions remain unknown to many people.

What is such a period?

There is a limitation on the time for the development of cancer. Generally, having received a therapy, cancer patients will be told to have a regular physical examination. Patients after a surgery are required to examine physical condition more frequently. The examination times for every year can be reduced over time if the cancer is under control. If the cancer doesn’t get worse during the five years after a finished therapeutic treatment, the patient with that cancer will be recognized as experiencing a five-year survival time, which never requires a frequent examination anymore. A five-year survival time can be regarded as a positive prognosis for cancer therapy.

However, we should make it clear that cancer may relapse at any time. An exemption from relapse within five years couldn’t guarantee a forever rehabilitation. Even though a cancer patient experiences the five-year survival period, a regular physical examination would be better for the long-term physical condition. There is a difference in the possibility of experiencing a five-year survival period, with a different stage of cancer. For example, an early lung cancer may experience the period at the rate of 50%-60%,while an end one only 8%-10%. An early stage of liver cancer experience 50%-80%, while an advanced one only 5%.


How to increase the rate of the five-year survival period?

HAVING SURGERY IN TIME: Have a surgery once a cancer is diagnosed. The earlier a cancer is diagnosed, the more successfully it is treated. Many cancers like lung cancer, liver cancer diagnosed at the early stage are cured by surgery in time.

PREVENTING DURING SURGERY: Handle a tumor surgery carefully. Tumor cells may easily infect the around normal tissue if it isn’t taken seriously. Avoid pushing a tumor in the surgery. Reduce blood loss. The infection of blood with cancer cells is one of the main reasons for cancer relapse.

HAVING REGULAR EXAMINATION: Take chemotherapy and radiotherapy regularly after surgery to get cancer under the control.

TAKING SUPPLEMENTS FOR AN ASSISTANT TREATMENT: Consult your doctor for a supplement and it may help. Supplements that contain anticancer constituents can assist in the treatment and recovery of a tumor.


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