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Ginsenosides or Rare Ginsenosides?

Recently, a supplement containing 16 rare Ginsenosides are popular on the market. There is a wonder what rare Ginsenosides are.
what are Ginsenosides?

We must know that ginseng is a good toxin and it can increase our body energy, enhance mental focus and strengthen the immune system. Actually, Ginsenosides is a natural substance existing in Araliaceae ginseng. It helps relieve physical and mental fatigue, improve cardiovascular circulation, increase bowel movement and adjust body constitution. Unfortunately, Ginsenosides can’t be absorbed directly into the human body. It can only be effectively absorbed by gastrointestinal metabolism.

There are a few Ginsenoside products in the present market, while the key to ginseng’s effectiveness is about how effectively a person can metabolize and absorb Ginsenosides. Ginsenosides can only be absorbed by bodily metabolism, so a patient may absorb less Ginsenoside than a healthy person because of a less efficient organism. Meanwhile, the utilization and absorption of Ginsenosides are limited due to the immaturity of preparation technology.

What are rare Ginsenosides?

Actually, rare Ginsenosides are metabolites of prototype Ginsenosides. It can’t be obtained from Araliaceae ginseng directly but only obtained through gastrointestinal metabolism. Rare Ginsenosides have great properties in anticancer activities. It can inhibit tumor proliferation, reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, improve cognitive function and reduce mental fatigue. However, bodily metabolism can’t ensure a complete absorption of rare Ginsenosides because of the difference in the digestive system. Thus, there is a higher demand for the technology of obtaining concentrations of rare Ginsenosides. Accordingly, these concentrations can affect the human body more directly and efficiently.

It is researched that most of the supplements in the present market contain only one rare Ginsenoside ingredient. The supplement containing 16 rare ginsenosides outstands among them. 


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