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Best cancer fighting herbs


Although many people who have got cancer may gain experience of benefiting from simple herbs, the anti-cancer effects of herbs still remain skeptical. Compared to pharmaceutical therapy like chemotherapy and radiotherapy, herbs have always received more controversy even among those who believe that herbs can prevent and kill cancer cells.

Although scientific research still keeps working on the mystery of herbs, a lot of research has already been finished. The information is going to be presented in this article. Skeptics rarely change their minds unless it happens to them directly. We are going to provide a list of 5 herbs that have gone through the scientific research and been applied in the life with a positive outcome received in the anti-cancer field. The information is just compiled to provide you with more choice instead of medical advice.

The following information is going to show herbs that affect human body in a different way. Some are known for stimulating the immune system and thus plays an important role in fighting cancer. Others are found so strong effects on cells that they are only suitable for the use under the guidance of herbalist or doctor, because they kill not only cancer cells but also normal cells. There are still other herbs that only kill cancer cell following a huge amount of research and adequate experiments.

Anti-cancer is such a board word that can be demonstrated in three situations in the base of different receptors. When an anti-tumor effect is shown in animal experiments, the activity of fighting tumor cells is shown in laboratory design and observation, or the reduction of tumor cells are seen in tumor patients, it is said that there is an anti-cancer effect.

The development of cancer is such a chronic process that you never image the probable time of getting a cancer with a long-term persistence of harmful habits. It is essential to avoid carcinogens and cultivate good dieting habits. The intake such as tobacco, excessive alcohol, processed foods can expose you to cancer because they contain carcinogens. Chemicals and rays can also expose you to carcinogens. Otherwise, plants contain a lot of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds which are potent to fight cancer. A plant based diet will be helpful for reducing the risk of getting cancer.


Ginsenosides are compounds in Araliaceae plants such as panax ginseng and American ginseng. In the study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, research shows that ginsenosides extracted through steaming panax ginseng can inhibit the proliferation of liver cancer cells. Research published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information also shows that the steamed extracts of ginseng leaves enhance cytotoxic effects on leukemia cells. Still in the study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, scientists found that Asin ginseng inhibits in vitro and in vivo growth of Lewis lung carcinoma given to a mouse.

Moreover, it has been found that ginsenosides can’t be absorbed directly but only through gastrointestinal metabolism or technological transform. The digestive system plays an essential role in the absorption of ginsenosides if the ginseng that contains ginsenosides is used directly. Comparing to a healthy digestive system, people with a poor digestive system tend to absorb even fewer nutrients of ginsenosides.

Rare ginsenosides are the metabolites of ginsenosides. It can’t be obtained directly from Araliaceae plants but only through gastrointestinal metabolism or technological transform. Rare ginsenosides include ginsenoside monomer such as Rg3, Rh2, Rk3, etc. Research found that several types of ginsenoside monomer play a different role in anti-cancer activity respectively.


It has been found that red clover contains formononetin known for fighting cancer. Early research shows that this compound found in red clover prevents cancer cells from invading healthy cells and thus reduce the possibility of cancer cell metastasis. Red clover is recommended as a complementary and alternative medicine guide. It is found in the University of Maryland Medical Center that tube test of red clover shows its ability to prevent cancer cell from growing and kill cancer cells as it is rich in isoflavones. Even though some evidence shows that isoflavones are effective in cancer fighting activity, red clover should be carefully used for an anti-cancer purpose. Actually, a positive effect on prostate cancer is suggested, while red clover exerts an uncertain effect on some cancer for other constituents. Red clover hasn’t been recommended as a good choice to prevent cancer before further research is completed since the idea that it may have the side effect of providing nutrients for a cancer is controversial.


The greatest benefits of dandelion are shown to be its ability to fight cancer. In the study published in the Oncatarget , research based on a long-term studies on the anti-inflammatory activity of dandelion extracts shows that dandelion root extract can affect colorectal cancer as this natural extracts can effectively attack the vulnerability of cancer cells. Dandelion is shown to induce cancer cell apoptosis as lab test is done. In the study, they found multiple death pathway in cancer cells and made gene analysis. In the pharmaceutical analysis, research on the chemical constituents have been done and bioactive phytochemicals with anti-cancer properties have been found. The conclusion is drawn that dandelion is non-toxic anti-cancer alternatives that can adverse the cancer cell resistance to drugs.

Other research published in the online medical journal also shows that dandelion root extracts could serve as alternatives for chemotherapy as it induces cancer cell apoptosis selectively without any toxic effects on healthy cells.


Ginger has been found effective on cancer cell for its unique components such as gingerol, paradol, shogaol and zerumbone. In the study published in the Internal The Whole Journey, research shows that ginger has anti-cancer properties and is helpful in the treatment of cancers such as breast cancer, gastric cancer, prostate cancer and liver cancer. Research published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, scientists found that shogaol contains compounds that can effectively kill cancer cells. The breast cancer cells are shown to be reduced when treated with shogaol compounds.


Additional animal research found that the combination of horsetail and mushroom may help reduce lymphoma and leukemia tumor, increasing survival rates. In the study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, scientists found that the extracts of different horsetails have anti-proliferative effects on cancer cells. Some compounds contained in horsetail are found prominent anti-proliferative effects on cancer cells without stimulating cells growth on human tumor cell lines.



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