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Knowledge of cancer diet recommendations, psychology of cancer patients, help to improve cancer patients' living quality and treatment effects.
Nutrition tips for cancer patients

Nutrition tips for cancer patients

Due to psychological stress or physical pain from cancer treatment, cancer patients often have poor appetite and digestion. And some of them might feel...
Internet-based peer support could help cancer patients

Internet-based peer support could benefit cancer patients

Cancer treatment normally involves not only physical interventions but also psychological support. Many people do not die from the tumor itself, but feelings of...
Ways to improve insomnia among cancer patients

Ways for cancer patients to improve insomnia

Difficulty sleeping is a common trouble for cancer patients. This problem may fade away as soon as you no longer bother with the depression...
Can cancer patients have sunlight exposure?

Can cancer patients have sunlight exposure?

Sunlight can trigger hormones that are associated with mood regulation. That’s why you feel cheered up and hopeful when exposed to warm sunlight. It’s safe...

Cancer pain and music therapy

When we know we get cancer, a fear of going dying troubles us relentlessly in psychological condition and challenges our understanding of suffering arising...
Nutrition and physical exercise

Nutrition and physical exercise intervention could help palliative cancer patients reduce nausea and vomiting

Palliative treatment looks at relieving symptoms such as pain and sickness and improving patients’ quality of life. It is commonly used for patients with...


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