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Redsenol Sponsors a Cycling Team for Tour de Cure 2023


Redsenol Sponsors a Cycling Team for Tour de Cure 2023Redsenol, a leading ginseng supplement brand featuring a remarkably high amount of rare ginsenosides, is proud to announce its sponsorship of a cycling team, Siu Team 6, for Tour de Cure 2023, the B.C.’s largest cycling fundraiser.

Siu Team 6 raised an impressive $25,262 for cancer research through their participation in the Tour de Cure, a two-day ride event that attracts over 2,000 riders and volunteers. The funds generated through the Tour de Cure will be used to further life-saving research and enhance care at BC Cancer.

Expressing her enthusiasm, Ruth, office manager at Redsenol and also a member of Siu Team 6, said, “On behalf of our company, I am thrilled to be a part of this monumental ride event supporting the cancer community. Additionally, I am proud that Redsenol sponsors Team Siu 6 and supports our efforts to raise money for cancer research.”

Redsenol believes that everyone should have access to quality cancer care and has been working on developing natural health products that can help to improve the overall health and well-being for cancer patients.

Redsenol is committed to advancing cancer research through its own research and development efforts. In a landmark achievement, Redsenol received approval from Health Canada last year to conduct a clinical trial investigating the efficacy of Redsenol-1 Plus in combating cancer-related fatigue.

The approval makes Redsenol-1 Plus the first plant-derived natural health product in Canada to be tested in a clinical trial for cancer-related fatigue. The success of this study will provide invaluable scientific evidence supporting the use of ginseng-derived natural health products as a solution for cancer-related fatigue.

Redsenol is proud to support initiatives like the Tour de Cure and remains committed to advancing research and providing innovative solutions that improve the lives of cancer patients. “We are committed to finding new ways to help cancer patients and will continue our research in this area,” said Ruth.


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