Home Exercises Redsenol Shines with Table Tennis Success at the 55+ BC Games 2023

Redsenol Shines with Table Tennis Success at the 55+ BC Games 2023


 Redsenol Shines with Table Tennis Success at the 55+ BC Games 2023

Redsenol, a leading ginseng supplement brand, is thrilled to announce its remarkable achievements in table tennis at the 55+ BC Games held from August 22-26, 2023. Led by CTO Yuemin Deng, the Redsenol team, comprising passionate members from a local table tennis enthusiasts club in Vancouver, secured medals in multiple categories under table tennis, demonstrating their exceptional skills and dedication to active lifestyles.

The Redsenol Team showcased their skills and determination, earning medals in various categories under table tennis. Yuemin Deng and Xiaoyu Zhang won the silver medal in the Men and Women 55-59 Mixed Doubles (competitive) division, while Yuemin Deng and Robert Chen secured the silver medal in the Men 60-64 Doubles (competitive) category.

In total, the Redsenol team accumulated nine medals – one gold, six silver, and two bronze. This remarkable achievement highlights their dedication to promoting active and healthy lifestyles in the community.

The 55+ BC Games represent a significant milestone in the BC sport system and stand as the province’s largest annual multi-sport event. This prestigious gathering offers participants from across the region an opportunity to celebrate sportsmanship and active living.

“We are incredibly proud of our team’s outstanding accomplishments and delighted to contribute to the promotion of healthy and active lifestyles within our community,” said Redsenol’ CTO. “As a provider of natural health products, Redsenol remains dedicated to serving the health-promoting needs of seniors, offering plant-based solutions to enhance their overall well-being.”

Owned by Canada Royal Enoch Phytomedicine Ltd., Redsenol stands at the forefront of the ginseng supplement industry with its focus on multicomponent rare ginsenosides of the highest concentration. Leveraging their core technologies in rare ginsenoside extraction, processing, transformation, and formulation, Redsenol has revolutionized the availability of easily absorbable rare ginsenosides in substantial quantities in its ginseng supplements.

Notably, Redsenol has gained recognition for its highly bioactive and absorbable rare ginsenoside monomers, including Rg3, Rh2, Rk1, Rg5, Rh3, Rk2, aPPD(S, R), and aPPT(S, R). These monomers are significantly more potent than common Panax/Korean red ginseng extracts, with the rare noble ginsenoside content reaching an impressive 20%.

Ginsenosides, the active ingredients found in Redsenol, have long been utilized in Herbal Medicine to help increase energy and resistance to stress in case of mental and physical fatigue related to stress. Additionally, ginsenosides help support cognitive function and reduce mental fatigue, and promote healthy glucose levels as a supportive therapy.

For more information about the 55+ BC Games, please visit https://55plusbcgames.org/.


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