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Five healthy tips for anti-aging


Every person now alive is aging. There is an incredible amount of attention given to “Anti-Aging”. Though aging is irreversible, keeping the below five in mind and sticking to them will do a great help in anti-aging.

Jogging: Human brain will enter slow degradation stage from age 25 years and speed up at age 40. The adverse effect will definitely be occurred to human memory, body coordination as well as brain functions. Exercising has been proved to be greatly beneficial in relieving brain fatigue and fastening brain functions recovery. Among the exercise, jogging is a great choice.


Squatting: Dizziness often appears to most people when standing up from a squat. The main cause is the poor heart function. Squatting is good for enhancing heart function. Flex your legs and stand up after several-second squat (adjust squat level according to your physical health, e.g. the elder could just bend their legs a little bit). Take 30-40 squats per time and 2 to 3 times daily. 


More smiles: The facial exercise when people smiling, enables the chest and abdominal muscles being involved in resonance, which helps to promote liver and gallbladder peristalsis and also increasing bile secretion. Consequently, liver function is enhanced.


Rope jump and Shuttlecock: Jumping exercise such as rope jumping and shuttlecock, will accelerate systemic blood circulation and increase bone mineral density to avoid fracture.

Avoid strong sun exposure: Skin is the most-likely aging organ since the skin is always exposed to the open air. Sunscreen plays an important part in skin anti-aging. Forming a habit of applying sunscreen lotion when going out will protect the skin from aging.


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