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Four things cancer patients should know


Four things cancer patients shall know Cancer is the biggest risk for human health. Thanks to a huge improvement in better treatments and early detection, more people can survive with cancer. There are four things cancer patients should know to get a better understanding of cancer.

1. Cancer is not an incurable disease

Getting cancer doesn’t mean you will definitely die. One common mistake cancer patients have is that they are extremely anxious to seek all manners of medical treatments, even outrageous folk remedies.

Many cancer patients are reported to achieve long-term survival even though they were told by doctors that they would die from cancer. Many of them have lived well with cancer for about 20 to 30 years.

2. Cancers can vanish without treatment

Our body has a self-controlled system, and it works hard to fight against tumors for survival, no matter how malignant their enemies are.

We are healthy when our body functions well in its own system. When something is disordered and gets us ill, our body itself would strive to recover the normality. This is why some people survive after being diagnosed with cancer.

3. Surgical resection is not always good

Many people think that surgical resection must be given to cancer patients. Actually, surgery is not always a good choice for cancer patients because tumors may relapse soon after surgery.

Whether to have surgery is a cautious decision. Sometimes, due to reduced body immunity from surgery, there is a high chance of recurrence.

For old cancer patients with poor health conditions, treatments like surgery or chemotherapy are not always good choices. In contrast, they may be given palliative treatment which is designed to prolong their survival and improve quality of life.

4. Keep a positive attitude with cancer

Taking cancer as a chronic disease can make people feel good. It is not an unrealistic word just for comforting people and it makes sense in the scientific community.

In fact, many patients do not die from cancer itself but die from endless fear. A patient with stomach cancer lived three years after starting treatment, and He felt everything went well because all indicators were stable in the examinations. However, when told by a young doctor in an ultrasound scan that the tumor possibly spread to the liver, he died just a few weeks later.


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