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How do smokers prevent cancer?


The risk of lung cancer is getting higher and higher, which has a great relationship with the growth rate of smokers.

Then, how could smokers prevent themselves from lung cancer?

First, eating alkaline foods would beneficial to reducing nicotine absorption. Alkaline human body fluid can reduce the absorption of nicotine. Therefore, long-term smokers can eat more fruits, vegetables, soy and other alkaline foods to reduce nicotine absorption.

Second, excessive oxidative substances, vitamin or vitamin supplements. Long-term smoking will make the body consuming antioxidants and vitamins more quickly,  meanwhile, the oxidizing substances increase. Thus, it’s essential for smokers getting supplementation of antioxidant vitamins, such as carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc.,

Third, drink more tea to reduce the body stranded poison. Long-term smoking leads to poison in the body retention, which makes it easy to induce lung cancer. The ingredients contained in tea, like polyphenols, caffeine, and vitamin C, can play a role in decomposing of the poison substances.

Fourth, anti-lung cancer selenium-rich foods. Long-term smoking will lead to low levels of selenium in human blood.If selenium deficiency occurs, the incidence of lung cancer will increase. Therefore, long-term smokers should add selenium-rich foods like sesame seeds,  eggs, tuna, animal liver, kidney and so on.


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