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Sweating drives away cancer


     For cancer patients, recovery from cancer cannot be separated from physical rehabilitation. Sweating will contribute to excreting carcinogenic substances and reducing cancer cells.

     Appropriate physical exercise is essential to cancer patients esp. in the hot summer. Staying in the room with air conditioners or fans will cause obstruction of the respiratory cell to the patient without air circulation in the room. Therefore, taking some appropriate outdoor sports will help patient restoring from cancer.

    It’s reported that sweat contains cadmium, lead, copper, nickel, and other heavy metals carcinogenic, which could be excreted through sweating. And how could these metal substances be contained in sweat? As we all know, the skin is a human organ like the lungs and kidney, which are principal organs excreting ultimate metabolic substances from the body. When we eat and drink, we will inevitably intake excessive water, salt and some toxic substances, such as heavy metals.  

    For cancer patients, appropriate and moderate exercise choice must be based on their condition and physical condition.


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