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Healthy food: Nuts


Nuts are foods which contain large amounts of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements. Eating nuts, esp. the below three kinds of nuts, could not only benefit the heart healthy, but also for prominent cancer prevention.

Walnut– The high content of phospholipids in walnut could help maintain normal cell metabolism and enhance cell viability. It’s also is a great food for the brain in preventing brain cells declining. The choline of phospholipids can promote fat metabolism in the liver cells. High lysine of the walnut can rise high serum albumin and maintain weight, which will be greatly beneficial to the treatment of cancer, tuberculosis, and other consumptive diseases.

– Almond has a good anti-tumor effect and has applied as an
adjunct to cancer treatment. The almond prepared for treating advanced cancer patients, can improve the symptoms and enable a prolong survival. Almond applied for cancerous pleura effusion treatment, is found that almond on malignant pleural effusion to a certain degree of control and mitigation.

Sunflower Seeds
-sunflower seeds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and excellent protein, as well as magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium, and vitamin P, E, B1,  A and so on. Animal experiments show that chlorogenic acid in sunflower seeds has a great preventive effect precancerous lesions of liver cancer in rats. Therefore, sunflower seed is a nutritious food and also an anti-cancer food.


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