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Healthy food for smokers


Smoking increases the risk of cancer and worsens the situation of cancer. Here are six tips on diet for preventing and fighting cancer-related to smoking.

  1. Supplement vitamin: certain compounds in the smoke can make vitamin (A, B, C, E) less active, at the same time, consume a large amount of vitamin. Therefore, it is suggested that smokers eat more food rich in vitamin like milk, carrot, peanut, corn, cabbage, bean sprout, etc.
  2. Drink adequate tea: Tea promotes the excretion of urine. Smokers can supplement vitamin C by drinking tea, especially green tea. Tea polyphenols can inhibit carcinogens.
  3. Eat something that reduces cholesterol: smoking can increase the deposition of cholesterol and fat, reducing the blood flow the brain, resulting in brain atrophy and accelerating brain degradation. It would be better for smokers to eat less meat saturated with fatty acid and more food reducing or inhibiting the cholesterol synthesis such as milk, fish and beans and the food of high fibers such as spicy powder, vegetables, and fruits.
  4. Eat more grape: much toxic substance may have been accumulated and the lung must have been damaged more or less if smoking becomes a long-term habit. The potent compound in grape can improve cell metabolism and thus help excrete toxic substance. In addition, grapes can alleviate expectorating and reduce symptoms such as respiratory inflammation and itch resulted from smoking.
  5. Eat fungus: food like mushrooms, Tremella fuciformis, kelp, seaweed can excrete toxic substance and prevent cancer.
  6. Get more food rich in selenium: smoking can reduce anti-cancer substance selenium which is greatly contained in materials such as animal organ,  and seaweed.


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