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How Rare Ginsenosides work in cancer fighting


As for rare ginsenosides products, people may know more about Rg3, Rh2. Even as rare ginsenoside monomer, they play a certain royal in the treatment and recovery of cancer. Actually, in addition to the most common monomer Rg3, Rh2, there are a variety of rare ginsenosides such as Rk1Rk3、Rh1、Rh3、aPPT, etc. Also, there are new constituents that are undiscovered or discovered but remains to be named. All of the mystery about rare ginsenosides is increasingly uncovered.

If these single rare ginsenosides are mixed and act together to exert synergetic effects, it would be greatly beneficial for tumor patients. Nowadays the products with 16 rare ginsenosides like Rk2, Rh3 and aPPD are available on the market 

Rare ginsenosides are metabolites of prototype ginsenosides. Rare ginsenosides can’t be obtained from Araliaceae plants like Ginseng and American Ginseng but through metabolizing or transforming prototype ginsenosides.


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