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Rare ginsenoside benefit: Ginsenoside Rh3 Induces colorectal cancer cell death


Colorectal cancer is generally a malignant tumor that grows in the digestive system. With the lifestyle of high-fat and high-calories prevalent, the morbidity rate of colorectal cancer keeps increasing obviously. At present, cancer patients receive surgery as the main treatment and adjuvant therapy with chemotherapy. However, drug resistance and the toxicity of chemotherapeutic drugs cause huge difficulties in chemotherapy.

Rare ginsenoside Rh3 has great properties in anti-cancer activity

Scientists found in the study that rare ginsenosides Rh3 can inhibit colorectal cancer cell proliferation and induce cancer cell apoptosis.

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Ginsenosides are active compounds that are transformed and extracted from Araliaceae plants like Ginseng, American ginseng and Notoginseng. Rare ginsenosides are the secondary derivatives of ginsenosides through metabolism and transformation, accompanied with higher potency of anti-cancer activity. People are familiar with rare ginsenoside Rh2 and Rg3 nowadays. In fact, a few other rare ginsenosides like Rh3 have already been used in the preparation of anti-cancer products.

Rare ginsenoside Rh3 has effects on colorectal cancer cells

Scientists studied the effects of rare ginsenoside Rh3 on inhibiting colorectal cancer cell proliferation and inducing colorectal cancer apoptosis by the test of cell in vitro. The results show that rare ginsenoside Rh3 exerts inhibitory effects on colorectal cancer cell proliferation obviously. The inhibition shows dose-dependence and time-dependence. Rare ginsenoside Rh3 exerts increased inhibitory effects on cancer cell as the dosage and the test time increase. The study also proves that rare ginsenoside Rh3 can induce colorectal cancer cell death. The apoptotic effects become stronger as the dosage and the test time increase. The apoptosis is a process of programming cell death under the control of multiple genes. The apoptotic barrier is closely related to the happening and the development of tumor. Therefore, the induction of cell death prevents tumor development.

Rare ginsenoside Rh3 has great value in the application of fighting cancer

There is other study showing that rare ginsenoside Rh3 blocks cell cycle and inhibits leukemia cell proliferation. Clinical study shows that using rare ginsenoside Rh3 slows cancer growth and improves the survival rate for patients who suffer colorectal lymph node metastasis. All this study shows the potentials of rare ginsenoside Rh3 as an adjuvant therapy in colorectal cancer and leukemia treatment.

Rare ginsenoside Rh3 shows higher potency than Rh2 and Rg3

Rare ginsenoside Rh2and Rg3 are so prevalent that most of the people must think rare ginsenosides only refers to these two types. However, scientists have studied the anti-cancer activity of multiple rare ginsenosides and found that there are many types of rare ginsenosides that have a higher potency of anti-cancer activity, Rh3 included.


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