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How exercise performs in cancer prevention


Exercising helps to revitalize our life by strengthening our body immunity system, preventing people from illness. In order to benefit from exercising to the largest extent, a scientific choice on the sport should be made depending on one’s age and physical health. And how does exercising benefit our physical health?  Below are the five main mechanisms of exercising working for the human body.

High heat production from muscles — Heat production from muscle during exercise is 10~15 times more than out of exercising. This will definitely cause body temperature to rise to as high as 40 degrees. Due to the poor heat resistance, cancer cells are more easily to be killed during exercise, especially in the DNA synthesis of mitotic phase.

Increase in oxygen absorption — While doing exercise, people’s oxygen absorption could increase to above 100L from 4~7L. Increased body oxygen leads to a higher respiratory rate. Most carcinogens will be exhausted from human body during the gas exchange. As a result, the incidence of cancer will decrease and recovery from cancer treating will be enhanced greatly.

Increasing immune cells – Immune cells, which have cancer-fighting benefits, are researched to be increased in large quantity in exercise. Exercise will stimulate the secretion of certain hormones in vivo to accelerate the rate of bone marrow on producing white blood cells and enhancing phagocytic cells function.

Accelerating blood circulation – Acceleration of blood circulation could “wash away” cancer cells in a more rapid way. And it’s difficult for cancer cells to gain a firm foothold of the organs, which is essential for cell proliferation and transfer.

Sweat – Sweating helps exhausting carcinogens from the human body and greatly reduce the risk of cancer.


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