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Want to reduce cancer risk? Lose your excess weight!


Want to reduce cancer risk? Reduce your excess weight now!Though we already know obesity is a big risk factor for cancer, we never thought it could be such a “big” player. Excess weight is expected to become Canada’s second leading preventable cause of cancer by 2024, the Canada Cancer Society reported.

In fact, currently, about 1 in 2 Canadian adults are overweight. The Canadian Population Attributable Risk of Cancer study funded by the Canada Cancer Society found that the total number of overweight people will triple by 2024, if not taking positive interventions to control excess weight.

Obesity is associated with an increased risk of at least 13 different types of cancer, including breast, esophagus, kidney and colon cancers, according to the American Cancer Society.

In addition to excess weight, the study also found that the top leading preventable causes of cancer include smoking tobacco, physical inactivity, excess weight, low fruit and sun exposure.

The comprehensive, up-to-date study will be significant in guiding prevention research and influencing new policies in Canada. It is urgent for Canadian to make changes to control their weight.

A case they can learn is from the United Kingdom. Just in 2018, the British Government began to levy soft drinks sugar tax in order to reduce obesity and other diet-related ill health and manufacturers are forced to reduce sugar in their drinks to avoid sugar tax.

How to reduce excess weight?

When mentioning about reducing excess weight, it is always discouraging with 50% of Canadian adults being obese, and in the United States, even higher as 71%.

Starving to lose weight is a bad idea. Though you feel some immediate effects, your weight can be back again. Sometimes, it would make you eat more and get stomach problems due to an irregular diet.

The followings are some tips that are good for you to perform your weight-loss plan:

Choose low-calorie diet. Your plate shall be comprised as follows:

  • 20% lean protein
  • 30% whole grains and starchy veggies
  • 50% fruits

Some low-calorie but surprisingly filling include oats, yogurt, berries, eggs, fish, lean meat, etc.

Be more physically active. You are advised to do a 150-minute moderate-intensity activity or 75-minute vigorous-intensity activity per week. Choose some housework to get moderate exercise, including washing windows, mopping, mowing the lawn. Try walking brisk or bicycling to work; Go for some intense workout like hiking, playing basketball or soccer game during weekends.

Eat less added sugar drinks and foods. Forbid yourselves to drink sugary drinks and choose mineral water instead; Eat less sugar add dessert like ice creams, cakes, cookies, even in your birthday party.

Reduce sedentary time. Get rid of sitting or lying down whether at the workplace or home. During the break, do some walking or running to relieve your body.


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