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Three health tips from cancer patients


Three health Tips from cancer patients

Why me? This is a common helpless complaint from cancer patients, though feeling innocent and irritating first, they finally get their answers and regret not caring themselves in daily life. Here give some health tips from cancer patients.

Get enough sleep 

I’m an entrepreneur. When I was young, I didn’t care about sleep, just like many young people who believe five hours of sleep is enough. Every time I had an exam at college, I would drink coffee and study overnight, and such irregular late sleeping habits definitely destroyed my body. Sleep is really important, and you should find your individual biological clock.

Do regular health screening

I’m a surgeon, and it’s a high-stress job with loads of clinical operations. I used to work in the operating room four days a week, and each operation lasted about 3 to 4 hours. I usually got off work after 9:00 pm. I should have seriously understood that nothing is important than health. My cough lasted at least half a year and even when I coughed out blood, I never had a second thought to do a health screening.

Screening is an easy and time-saving way to prevent cancer. The earlier the cancer is detected, the higher the survival rate.

Drink water every day 

I’m an oncologist, and I had been very busy with clinical work. I didn’t spare time to drink water, and I drank only when feeling thirsty. I also stayed up late, which is a common bad habit for many health professionals. I didn’t drink or smoke.

I really didn’t get time to drink water. I usually felt thirsty before meals, but the thirsty went over when I finished meals, so I missed the time to drink water. Though I had noticed the urine was dark yellow, I never thought I would get bladder cancer since I didn’t smoke and was not old enough to be considered a high-risk group.

All tips are very common and easy to achieve. Besides these, people are also advised to eat healthily, exercise more, avoid smoking and drinking.


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