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The main causes of high death rate of cancer (1)

The essence of both benign and malignant tumors is uncontrollable abnormal cell proliferation.

The abnormal proliferation appears to not only the tumor itself, but also in the violation to the adjacent normal tissue and spreading to other body parts through blood and lymphatic vessels, and body cavity metastasis, resulting in a series of pathophysiological changes and ultimately lead to death.

The cancer patients prone to infectious complications due to their poor immunity. The non-pathogenic bacterium, virus, fungi of the body become the pathogenic factors which will aggravate the patients’ conditions. Such infection, which will cause high fever, coma, and even death, is often difficult to control.

The rapid growth of cancer cells will cause a large consumption of body nutrients, while patients’ intake of nutrients will decrease due to their serious illness. Anemia, edema, fatigue and even extreme hunger malnutrition will occur as time went by. Consequently, death due to multiple system failures becomes inevitable.


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