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Easy workouts during social distancing


Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, we are and will be confined to our houses for a long period. Most of us do eating and sleeping every day, and the epidemic disrupts our weight loss and diet control plans, which raises a concern that our fat and weight will visibly increase before the epidemic goes.

Obesity is linked to many cancer types. A 2016 report conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer demonstrated that obesity increases the risk of the incidence of at least 13 types of cancers.

Social distancing is really frustrating for people who want to control their weight. Here are some easy aerobic and resistance exercises that can help enhance cardiorespiratory endurance, build muscle strength and endurance, and prevent depression.

Trotting at home. Trot with arms swinging back and forth in coordination with the movement pace of the legs.

Jumping in place. Jump with arms rotating around shoulders, just like pretending that you are skipping rope.

Chair/sofa squats. Sit on the chair or sofa first, then stand up until your knees are straight or slightly flexed. Then sit down until your hips nearly touch the chair or sofa but not really to sit down. The movements shall go on with breathing exercises. Learn to exhale for 2 to 4 seconds when standing up, and inhale while bending down.

Leg lifts on the chair/sofa. First, sit on the chair or sofa, and hold down the chair or sofa with your hands on both sides of your hips. Bend your knees and hips, lift your legs up close to your chest, and then lower your feet down near the ground. The exercise will be accompanied by exhaling and inhaling for 2 to 4 seconds.

Push-ups on the bed. Hands should be slightly wider than the shoulders, with the hands and feet supporting the whole body. Prop elbows up until they are straight or slightly flexed, not to overextend, and get down to the chest close to the bed. The exercise shall be accompanied by exhaling and inhaling for 2 to 4 seconds.

Choose one or two workouts that you like, and 15-30 minutes per day is advisable. Begin these easy exercises at any time during the day, like watching TV.


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