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How many kilometers of walking a day is enough to prevent cancer?


A sedentary lifestyle, which is characterized by commuting to work and sitting in front of computers all day, is linked to a higher risk of diseases like such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. According to a study conducted by the Cruising Association (CA) in collaboration with Macmillan Cancer Support in Britain, walking 1.6 kilometers or 20 minutes of walk a day can lead to an up to 50 percent decline in the risk of death from breast cancer, prostate cancer and intestine cancer.

How many kilometers of walking a day are enough to prevent cancer?The study result comes as no surprise since piles of studies before have suggested that walking plays a positive role in preventing various cancers.

Preventing breast cancer: A French study involving 4 million women showed that walking one hour a day would help women of any age groups reduce the chance of getting breast cancer by 12%.

Reducing the risk of colorectal cancer: Harvard University’s study which followed up 70,000 people for years found that people who walk one hour a day are half less likely to suffer from colorectal cancer.

Preventing pancreatic cancer: A study published in the Reader’s Digest stated that taking a 30-minute walk after a meal can reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer by 50 percent.

Fighting prostate cancer: A long-term follow-up of 1,455 prostate cancer patients conducted by researchers from the University of California found that patients who go for over 3 hours walk each week can have a 57 percent reduced risk of cancer progression, compared with those who do not walk.

Before you carry out your weekly daily plan, there are some stips that can help you achieve a comfortable walking experience.

Posture: Stand up straight and keep eyes forward, not looking down.
Speed: Take two steps per second
Time: Walk after four o’clock in the afternoon when the body is in a good state with flexible joints,      physical agility, stable heartbeats and blood pressure. If you choose to walk after dinner, take a rest for at least half an hour first or go two hours before bedtime.
Location: Choose places like parks with good space and fresh air.
Equipment: Prepare a pair of sports shoes and bring a bottle of water with you.


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