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How to prevent lung cancer? 3 tips for lung cancer prevention


Lungs are common sites for metastasis and cancerous lung cells can spread to other organs of the body. Therefore, lung cancer is life-threatening and only about 10% of patients with lung cancer are eventually cured thanks to an early treatment. Unfortunately, an early detection of lung cancer is difficult since symptoms take years before appearing. It is usually diagnosed in the advanced stage where symptoms grow serious and patients are miserably overwhelmed by the lung cancer. 

Lung cancer can be sensitively detected with some initial symptoms. The most obvious one is a chronic cough which possibly follows with chest or back pain and breathlessness. An easy fatigue and weight loss will also be important indications for lung cancer. It is advisable for you to see the doctor immediately once you find yourself suffering from these symptoms.

For most smokers, lung cancer has become one of their biggest health threats. As studies show, cigarettes smoking is considered as the primary culprit of lung cancer and 80% of lung cancers are due to tobacco smoking. Besides, Exposures to second-hand smoke, asbestos, radon or air pollution are also contributions to lung cancer.

Here are some tips for you to prevent lung cancer:

1.Quitting cigarettes smoking: Heavy smokers should really take quitting seriously in order to lead a relatively healthy life.

2.Doing regular physical activities: Exercises help you strengthen the immune system and avoid deadly diseases. Lung cancer patients are commonly advised to do 5-20mins moderate intensity exercise every day. (How Exercise Performs in Cancer Prevention)

3.Keeping a balanced and healthy diet: A diet high in fruit and vegetables helps reduce chances of lung cancer. A regular use of ginseng tea can stimulate the immune system and increase the resistance to fatigue. The rare ginsenosides extracted from ginseng herbs contain many active ingredients like Rk2、Rg3、Rh2、Rg5、Rk1、Rk3、Rh1、Rh3、Rh4、aPPT、aPPD which can help neoplastic disease recovery.

With a good awareness of lung cancer, you now really need to think twice about what you can do to prevent lung cancer. Basically, if you have family members who are addicted to smoking, you should be brave enough to persuade them to quit even though they may be authoritative elders. A non-smoking surrounding really matters for you don’t need to suffer from second-hand smoking.


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