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Redsenol: the best ginseng and ginsenoside supplement in 2021


Redsenol: the best ginseng and ginsenoside supplement in 2021Ginseng is extremely popular and known as one of the best natural remedies all around the world. It might first come into your mind when looking for a medicinal plant to boost your overall health in natural ways and on multiple levels.

The huge health benefits of ginseng are owing to its pharmacologically active ingredients, known as ginsenosides. Ginseng extract G115 is the first standardized ginseng extract with 4% ginsenoside content, and it is noted for its quality, safety, and efficiency as herbal medicine.

Many people know that high ginsenoside content is a must for high quality ginseng products, and they tend to purchase ginseng supplements with high ginsenoside content. They are smart buyers but still cannot get the best value for their money.

A lesser-known fact about ginseng is that their active compounds ginsenosides in ginseng can be converted into less polar ginsenosides (also called rare ginsenosides) that are more bioactive and absorbable. Some less-polar ginsenosides include Rg6, F4, Rk3, Rh4, 20(R)-Rg3, 20(S)-Rg3, Rk2, Rh3 and Rg5, etc.

Less-polar ginsenoside are more potent and effective, so the best ginseng supplements shall be ones with a high percentage of less polar rare ginsenosides.

Plenty of research has been conducted to study the extraction and isolation of less polar ginsenosides, including steaming and acid treatments.

Few companies grasp core technologies to extract and isolate less polar ginsenosides in mass production, which is why we couldn’t find many ginseng products containing high amounts of less polar and rare ginsenosides in the current market.

There indeed is a rare ginsenoside brand featuring multicomponent less polar ginsenosides in high concentration, and it is called Redsenol.

Redsenol rare ginsenoside capsules contains sixteen rare ginsenosides, i.e. Rk2, Rg3(S,R), Rh2(S,R), Rg5, Rk1, Rk3, Rh1(S, R), Rh3, Rh4, aPPT, aPPD. The net amount of rare ginsenosides contained in each Redsenol capsule is greater than 60 mg, amongst which rare ginsenosides constitute no less than 20% to ensure potency.

The Redsenol research team in Canada owns core technologies in rare ginsenoside extraction, processing, transformation, and formulation, enabling preparation of easily absorbable rare ginsenosides in mass production.

You might have ever purchase ginseng products with fake ingredients without any smell of ginseng, poor absorption, and little effects, and choosing Redsenol can save you all of these troubles.

Taking two Redsenol capsules three times daily can give you 360 mg of easily absorbable and highly bioactive rare ginsenosides, much more potent than their naturally occurring parent compounds. Don’t miss this best ginseng and ginsenoside supplement in 2021. 


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