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Six health benefits of ginseng and rare ginsenosides


Six health benefits of ginseng and rare ginsenosidesGinseng is a popular herb that helps promote good health and wellbeing. People suffering from all types of issues use it and it even helps lower your stress levels.

Medicinal herbs usually bring comprehensive pharmacological effects, so does ginseng. Ginseng has many health-promoting benefits and thus serves as a popular herbal remedy all around the world.

1. Boosts energy

If you’re feeling tired, fatigued, or just like you can’t get much done, ginseng may help. It gives you a boost of energy. One area ginseng is most known for is its help with cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. When fatigue settles in, patients often use ginseng for an energy boost.

2. Helps improve mood

Ginseng helps calm the central nervous system which can help you feel great overall. When you feel calm inside, you’re less likely to have panic attacks or anxiety. Overall, you have better and more stable moods.

3. Reduces inflammation

Ginseng helps prevent inflammation and increases a cell’s antioxidant capacity. It’s been proven to help with skin inflammation, like eczema. It’s also shown to reduce inflammation in both men and women in certain studies.

4. Helps build your immune system

Ginseng can boost your immune system. This helps fight off colds and other viral illnesses. It also helps lower the severity of colds and illnesses you may already have. It may even cut down the time that you feel under the weather. It’s especially helpful in preventing influenza.

5. Lowers blood sugar

Ginseng helps improve any insulin resistance, which lowers your risk of diabetes. It also helps those diagnosed with diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels. This means fewer side effects and damage from diabetes.

6. Helps you focus

Ginseng may help you make better decisions and focus on your work. Its effects are short-term, but experts are studying how it may help Alzheimer’s patients. They’re determining if it helps with the side effects of dementia.

Why ginseng has so many health benefits? The amazing health benefits of ginseng are owing to the presence of ginsenosides.

Ginsenosides are the major pharmacologically active compounds in ginseng that are responsible for the health benefits of ginseng.

Naturally occurring ginsenosides in ginseng 

The naturally occurring ginsenosides in ginseng, known as prototype ginsenosides, are large molecules and are sometimes difficult for the body to absorb for many people without specific gut microbiota. They have amazing medicinal properties, but if the body cannot easily absorb them, then they are not potent enough to treat diseases and medical conditions.

Prototype ginsenosides are large molecules with poor water-solubility. However, they can be metabolized and converted into rare ginsenosides through unique processing methods.

Potent rare ginsenosides 

These metabolized rare ginsenosides show stronger bioactivity and better absorption than their parent ginsenosides. The well-known rare ginsenosides include Rg3, Rh2, Rk1, Rk2, Rk3, Rh1, Rh3, Rh4, Rg5, and aPPD.

Fresh ginseng or even 6-year-old ginseng in the current market today brings limited health benefits because they only contain low bioavailable ginsenosides. There are very few ginseng supplements containing high amounts of rare ginsenosides because most manufacturers lack innovative technology to prepare rare ginsenosides in mass production.

Ginseng products featuring multiple rare ginsenosides are highly recommended because different kinds of rare ginsenosides monomers are can exert together to bring synergistic effects. They are what we look for to get potent and easily absorbed rare ginsenosides that our body can absorb and use the right way.


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