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Stay up late at work wisely to avoid cancer risk


Staying up late at work is listed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as one of the Group 2A carcinogens, together with widely known processed red meat and hot drinks.

Supported by a raft of large-scale studies, staying up late at work increase the risk of getting cancer. Flight attendants and night nurses who stay up at work in a long run have been found to have an increased risk of getting breast cancer.

If you have to stay up late in order to finish some important work, there is three practical and easy-to-do trips for you to stay up in a relatively healthy manner.

1. Take a snap

Although a short snap cannot replace all night sleep, it does help reduce your fatigue and reduce the change of getting strokes and other heart diseases. Our brain needs a rest now and then, a 20-minute snap can refresh the mind to full capacity.

2. Eat healthy snakes

Milk is a healthy drink rich in a variety of nutrients that can boost your immune system.

It is advisable to eat some chicken noodle soup or porridge at night, when you are hungry. Avoid taking fast foods high in salt, sugar and fat and they will cause pressure on your stomach.

3. Avoid strenuous exercise

Sudden death following exercise is associated with ischemia and hypoxia. Strenuous exercise increases oxygen consumption and shortage of oxygen will reduce blood supply to the heart, thus causing cardiac arrest. Do not do strenuous exercise during staying up to work, and it can increase you risk of sudden death. Instead, you can get up and move around to refresh your mind and improve blood circulation of your limbs.


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