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Obesity and Cancer Risk

How does obesity relate to cancer?

Most of the evidence in the relationship between obesity and cancer shows that obese people are more likely than normal-weight people to develop cancers such as colon cancer, esophageal adenocarcinoma, breast cancer, prostate cancer, endometrial cancer, etc. Although there are limitations on the study which is designed with all the same conditions except for one specific characteristic, consistent evidence shows that there is an association between obesity and the increased risk of cancer. Study suggests that obese women are about four times as likely as normal-weight women to develop endometrial cancer. It has been shown that overweight people are twice as likely to develop liver cancer as those who have a normal weight. Obesity has been also shown to be associated with an increased risk of breast cancer at a certain ratio.

Obesity has been suggested to increase the risk of cancer for several reasons. People who are obesity tend to have chronic low-level inflammation, which precedes the development of cancer. For instance, if the liver develops inflammation, usually accompanied by such symptoms as abdominal pain, cramps, the discharge of mucus of stomach, liver cancer is likely to develop. Obesity comes along with large amounts of fat tissue. Fat tissue produces excessive estrogen and a high level of estrogen leads to the increased risk of cancers such as breast cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer and other cancer. People who have excessive weight have a high level of insulin in their blood, a leading cause of cancers like colon, prostate, kidney, etc. Adipokines such a kind of hormone that is produced by fat cells and can influence cell function by either stimulating or inhibiting cell growth.

Three useful tips for the people who are overweight

Replace meat for vegetables. Meat provides people with nutrients like protein as well as fat. A certain amount of fat is necessary for the body to remedy the consumption of energy and maintain energetic balance. Obese people gain excessive fat, which eventually causes functionally damage to the body. People of obesity are suggested to eat less meat so that they can turn back to the point where the body has a normal fat index. Never worry about the body degradation that may be caused by inadequate nutritional intake as long as you keep a balanced diet. That is to say, you need to consistently take in nutrients like fiber and protein from other food to make up for energetic consumption. Vegetables are definitely a good choice. Many vegetables have proved highly nutritional and they can provide human body with the most natural substance, little side effects.

Do exercise on a regular basis. Exercise is always good for any purpose, especially weight losing. Exercise burns fat and thus reduces the possibility of fat accumulation. Simple exercise such as running and walking is extremely helpful but it is a long-term battle. Do a little exercise an hour after dinner and promise yourself to persist in at least one month. One month of persistence has little practical effects on the body but do help for the cultivation of a good habit. Once you gain the habit of doing exercise regularly, it will not be long before you achieve your weight losing plan.

Eat more fruits instead of sweet and fried food. Sweet food like ice cream can absolutely worsen the condition of the people who are obese. Too much sugar is one of the most important sources for fat accumulation. Fried food contains a high level of calories, an essential factor for weight gains. Eating too much food high in calories can increase the body weight at an unbelievable speed. What’s worse, the weight is hard to lose if gained in this way, because you need to change your life from an enjoyable situation to a long-term self-restriction period. Then fruits are good for a replacement. Fruits are rich in fiber and various vitamin. Most importantly, fruits are naturally tasteful.

What if cancer comes to you?

It is hard to know whether a person gets cancer unless a specific examination is taken when many obvious symptoms appear. Once diagnosed with cancer, there are at least two important things. One is to receive professional therapy, another is to keep mental relaxation.

Except for the common therapy such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, patients are usually recommended to use supplements to assist in the treatment and recovery of cancer, mainly because anti-cancer ingredients are contained in supplements. Many ingredients are said to have anti-cancer properties, although some remain controversial. A lot of ingredients extracted from herbs are found to be effective for fighting cancer. Turmeric is said to fight cancer and works as main ingredients for many anti-cancer supplements. Take rare ginsenosides for example, consistent research has proved their cancer-fighting effects.

Rare ginsenosides exert anti-proliferative effects on cancer cells, which is the most valuable function among all of their properties. They are highly bioactive ingredients that are able to fight cancer. Rare ginsenosides include a variety of monomers such as Rg3,Rh2,Rh1,Rg5,Rk1,Rk2,Rh3,Rk3 and Rh4, each of which has anti-cancer properties to a different degree. However, these monomers are not easy to obtain since they are generally produced through gastrointestinal metabolism. Patients and the older are usually unable to achieve a high absorption due to a poor digestive system. In the market, a few supplements are made of rare ginsenosides that go through the meticulously technological transformation. As an extensive research has been done, rare ginsenosides are increasingly recognized as powerful cancer fighters.








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