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Why are Canadian ginsenoside products of superior quality?


Why are Canadian ginsenoside products of superior quality?Many people who hope to prevent and fight cancers tend to take ginsenoside products with obvious anticancer efficacies. With a variety of ginsenoside products available on the market from many countries like China, America or Korea, customers find it difficult for them to make a wise choice.

Considering the development of ginsenosides industry, ginsenosides products in Canada come out on top. At present, ginsenosides produced in many countries only have ginsenoside Rh2 and Rg3 and single-component products contain only one ginsenoside. However, Canada has started to generate other ginsenosides like Rk2, aPPD, Rh3, aPPT, etc. These ginsenosides have higher anticancer activities than ginsenoside Rh2 and Rg3. Most of the ginsenosides products in Canada contain a variety of highly active ginsenosides, marking a multi-component stage for ginsenoside products.

Though China is home to ginseng since old times from which ginsenoside is extracted, Canada’s ginseng and ginsenoside industry is getting more prosperous and well-known. There are three main reasons to tell you why this happens.

Canada is the largest producer of high-quality ginsenoside raw materials

Ginsenosides are active ingredients with significant anticancer effects found by scientists in Araliaceae plants (Panax ginseng, American ginseng,etc.)As one of the largest producers of ginseng and ginsenoside products, Canada produces tons of American ginseng each year.

With a land area of 9.98 million square kilometers, Canada ranks second in the world with a population of only 30 million, which is typical of a sparsely populated country. Enriched in hectares of land, Canada has a very developed agriculture. The southern Ontario is one of the largest American ginseng growing areas. American ginseng there is best known for superior quality, sweet taste and high nutrition, which gives credits to a unique natural condition, including varied temperature difference, rich sandy soil and clean water, as well as government’s strict control of agricultural chemicals.

The quality of herbal medicine has much to do with the raw materials and the high quality of American ginseng in Canada laid the foundation for superior ginsenosides.

Canada has the most advanced ginsenoside preparation technology 

Large-scale industrial production of ginsenosides requires a very high technology and extracting ginsenosides from American ginseng, especially highly active ginsenosides, has been the bottleneck restricting the anti-cancer applications of ginsenosides. Canada has a well-developed pharmaceutical industry, and some pharmaceutical companies overcame difficulties in the industrial production and complex preparation formulations of ginsenosides, successfully producing various highly active ginsenoside products. In contrast, ginsenoside industry sees no obvious breakthrough in many countries like China where ginsenosides Rh2 and Rg3 still dominate the market, indicating a failure in surpassing the single component stage of ginsenoside products.

The government of Canada established a strict testing system for ginsenoside products

Canada’s government established a strict control and regulation system for medicines and health products. Canada has strict testing standards and procedures in the detection of ginsenoside products, including a series of bacterial screenings, heavy metal screenings, pesticide residue screenings, a total of more than 70 tests. As a result of such a strict quality control system, the ginsenosides produced in Canada are very safe and reliable.

In conclusion, high-quality raw materials, advanced preparation technology and strict testing system have contributed to the high reputation of Canadian ginsenoside products in the world.

At present, Canadian ginsenoside products are available on the E-commerce platforms such as Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and JD.com where consumers can easily purchase high-quality ginsenoside products.


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